In a society filled with fear and anxiety

SUICIDE is a topic that can no longer be avoided...


from Real Life Ministries

The Irreplaceable Series is a six part small group study designed to provide the understanding and tools needed to begin honest, open discussions, that can lead towards deeper relationships, hope and life. 

The Vision and Purpose of IRREPLACEABLE

In the last few years the suicide rate among teens has been at an all time high across America.  Concern for this trend and for the youth in our community led Real Life Ministries to form a partnership with a local school system and the Chi Rho Film company, and out of that partnership The Irreplaceable Project was born.

The purpose of this docuseries and the included guides is to reduce the stigma and generate open discussions around the topic of suicide. It is our hope that these discussions will lead to relational connection, support, and resources for help.

Each video in the series includes an episode Discussion Guide. There is also an Introduction and Leader's Guide that provides help and tools for leading a group through this material.

We pray this series will help generate discussions that bring issues to light and enable people to find help and hope for the future. 

  • You can watch the 6 part Irreplaceable video sessions and download the accompanying Small Group Discussion Guides by clicking the buttons below. 

The Irreplaceable Series:

Sessions 1 through 6

Videos and Study Guides

The Irreplaceable Series INTRODUCTION and LEADERS GUIDE

Session 1: You're Not Alone

Session 2: What Our Kids Are Saying

Session 3: Look For The Signs

Session 5: Live For Tomorrow